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Mix & Master Promo Pak Package MIX & MASTER PROMO PAK

Mix & Master Promo Pak Production Packages

Mixing : Mastering: Graphics Design: CD Duplication: Digital Distribution

The Mix & Master Promo Pak Package combines complete mixing and mastering for your music with professional graphics design services, CD duplication, and digital distribution. The goal is to get you both a great sounding and great looking package. We even include a short promotional video sampler of your album artwork and music you can post to Facebook, YouTube, or your own webpage. And your tracks will sell through ITunes,, and many other sites and even directly through your artist/band Facebook page. We offer this package in three levels: Album for 10-14 songs, EP for 4-6 songs, or Demo for 2-3 songs (*Demo package doesn't include CD duplication or promotional video but does include a digital artwork image and digital online distribution and sales for one song of your choice). Choose the package that fits your number of songs and let us help you take your recorded songs and make a professional looking and sounding package for to you distribute and sell.

Cha Cha's Cadillac  Spiritual Warriors
Artist: Cha Cha's Cadillac, Album: Midnight Dixie Radio  Artist: Spiritual Messengers Warriors for God, Album: Lord I Want to Talk to You

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Artist: Mr. Williams (Ill Will)
Track: The Birth and Rebirth
hear before mixing and mastering sample Before Mixing and Mastering
hear after mixing and mastering sample Mixed and Mastered by Crazy Daisy Productions


  • Fill out our online Mix & Master Promo Pak order form.
  • Upload your mix session files and any raw artwork materials such as photos, example images, notes, etc..
  • Pay for your package online.


  • Mixed and Mastered Tracks and Digital Artwork to check out online as we complete them for your project.
  • Hard Copy Proof CD (standard jewel case with full color 2-panel insert) with your completed artwork and mixed+mastered tracks for you to verify before we print them all
  • Digital Distribution setup through CD Baby, which also includes online sales of your CDs (EP/Album only) and a digital sales plugin for your Facebook page. Full album version utilizes a CD Baby
    Pro level account, which also includes collection services for royalties from performances of your songs on radio, media sources such as YouTube, television, film, and entertainment venues, as well as live performances.
  • Gold Audio Master CD and Artwork CD for your own archives/backup
  • CD Duplication (200 quantity for Album, 100 quantity for EP, digital distribution only for Demo) with UPC Bar Code and shrinkwrapping (you can order additional CDs of any quantity at any time after the initial order)
  • Short promotional video of your album artwork and tracks (EP/album only)
  • Shipping and tax ARE included in package price.
  • Your CD package will also contain a Gold Audio Master CD and Artwork CD so that you can order additional copies of your CDs at any time from any facility of your choice.

One package price includes everything, even shipping, and no sales tax required!



Album = $1650 (10-14 songs up to 40 tracks each +$100 for each song over 14, up to 20 max)
EP = $970 (4-6 songs up to 40 tracks each +$130 for each song over 6, up to 9 max)
Demo = $350 (2-3 songs, you choose one song to be your digital single release)

"NNNNICE! For a home studio i recorded in, you guys sure cleared it up pretty damn good and made it work. Thanks I appreciate the work."

-Stanislav Lekarev

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