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Frequently Asked Questions about Audio Mixing Services

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What programs do you use for mixing?

We can do mixing from sessions provided in: ProTools, Logic, GarageBand, Reaper, Cubase, Studio One, Fruity Loops, Music Maker, Mixcraft, Sequel, and Audacity. If you have done recording or initial mixing in any of these programs you can simply provide us with your mix session and we can open it up here to continue the work.

Can you do mixing on material mixed in a different program or mixed on a portable studio?

Yes. This requires a little preparation work on your part, but is very do-able. What you do is you create full song length tracks for us, meaning you mix down each track independently, one at a time from your mixes, so that we have all the parts necessary to re-create your mixes here in one of the mixing platforms that we use. It's also a good idea to include a whole song mixdown as reference so we can double-check that everything came across correctly. You can find out more about preparing your mix files to send to us at our mixing preparation instructions page.

Do you do stems mixing?

Yes. We refer to this as Touch-up Mixing and it is bundled together with our mastering services. Stems mixing is when you create several sub-mixdowns for your songs built from the major component parts, such as "drums", "vocals", "guitars", "beat", "adlibs", etc. We offer a special price of $20 per song to add touch-up mixing (stems mixing) to any mastering project. This special price is limited to songs of no more than 5 minutes in length and a maximum of 6 stems per song. If you have longer songs and/or would like to use more stems, call us for a price quote.

How can you do mixing by correspondence? How can you mix songs without the artist sitting in on the mix session in person?

We have a well designed process for doing mixing work via correspondence. Typically, we choose 2 to 3 of your songs to mix initially and send them to you by one of several online methods (e.g., email, ftp, web link, etc.) for you to audition at home/work/car/etc., at your leisure. Upon hearing these first mixes we ask for your feedback to let us know things you liked and things you want adjusted. You can provide this feedback either by email or phone. We continue the mix-audition-feedback process as needed until all parties are satisfied with the results. We then take those final mixes and use them as a working model to mix the remainder of your material so that we can most efficiently help you achieve your desired final sound results.

This mix-audition-feedback process is the same process that occurs when you sit in on a mix session in person, but we simply extend it to working via internet transfer and email feedback. The end result is the same - you get to audition and give any feedback on your mixes until you are happy with the results, just as you would if you were there in person. As an added benefit of the correspondence method, you have the option to listen to the mixes over a longer period of time and hear them in several different environments before providing any feedback. There is no pressure to make any decisions "on the spot" as there is when you are sitting in on an in-person session.

How much does mixing cost?

Touch-up mixing (also sometimes called stems mixing or mastering by separated parts) only costs $20 per song when added to Audio Mastering Services. We can also do mixing touch-ups and final checking from your full mix session for roughly $60 per song, which includes mastering as well.
The cost for full Full Mixing work varies greatly with each project. You can get a price quote by either utilizing our Free Mix Evaluation service or you can use our Rate Calculator to calculate the cost for your mixing project.

How does the process work with online mixing? How do I hear my mixed and mastered songs?

Shortly after you submit your order for online mixing and mastering services we will contact you with the expected completion date for your project (or for the first set of completed tracks if your project has many tracks in it). On or around that date you will receive an email from us with a link to download a .zip file that contains .wav and .mp3 versions of your mixed and mastered tracks for you to audition. If we have returned all your tracks to you in this email and everything meets with your approval you do not need to do anything more. If you have many tracks in your project then you may only receive the first 2-4 completed tracks to review in the first download link and we will want to hear back from you that they are approved so that we know we can continue following the same methods and use those first several tracks as references while completing the rest of your mixing work.
If there is anything in the mixed and mastered tracks we send you that you feel needs adjusting please email or call to let us know and we will make the necessary adjustments for you as quickly as possible. You are allowed up to two adjustments to each song at no additional charge. It's our goal to not only make your songs sound great, but to also make sure they match your particular subjective musical tastes as the artist and this can sometimes mean making adjustments to the first few tracks we mix and master for you if you are a new client. Once we've received your approval on any revised work we will, of course, use those approved tracks as references for mixing and mastering any future work for you to ensure that you're receiving a great sounding mix that also meets your own personal and unique artistic aims.

"Fantastic Mix! Perfect! I love how you blended the sounds and built the progression of the song. Thanks!"

-Myoki Rising
Crazy Daisy Productions
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