Examples of Mixed & Mastered Music from Real Client Projects

Hear the difference
mixing and mastering can make

Featured below are before and after short audio clips from real music mixed and mastered by Crazy Daisy Productions. These samples are drawn from past client projects in a variety of genres. All samples were voluntarily released by their owners for sharing on our website and are not to be used for any other purpose without their permission.

NOTE: "Before Mixing" samples are difficult to share as projects are in various states when we receive them. Often there is no real "song" yet developed in the mix to share. For the examples on this page, we selected songs that already had some level of initial editing and mixing done on them before we began our work so that there is an actual song to share for the sample clip. However, even if your project is at an earlier stage than any of the samples presented here, such as a collection of multiple raw recorded takes of several tracks, we can still assist with your editing and mixing needs to help create a final song for you.

Artist: Hancock (feat. Stacy Mood)
genre: Hiphop/Rap

How To Kill A President (original)

How To Kill A President (Mixed&Mastered)

Artist: Nell (feat. Omar)
genre: Hiphop/Rap
website: cdbaby.com/Artist/Nell3

No Lies (original)

No Lies (Mixed&Mastered)

Artist: Des'Tiny
genre: Pop

Don't You Let Go (original)

Don't You Let Go (Mixed&Mastered)

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Artist: Big Cuz Solo feat. Lou Sultry
genre: Hiphop/R&B

Sexy Mama (original)

Sexy Mama (Mixed&Mastered)

Artist: Sometime After
genre: Rock

Embryo (original)

Embryo (Mixed&Mastered)

Artist: Scorpio Static
genre: Electronic
website: cdbaby.com/Artist/Scorpiostatic

Voyage (original)

Voyage (Mixed&Mastered)

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Artist: Monumental Grind
genre: Hiphop

Lambo Doors (original)

Lambo Doors (Mixed&Mastered)

Artist: Shaadie
genre: HipHop
website: youtube.com/user/shaadboy/videos

Whomp (original)

Whomp (Mixed&Mastered)

Artist: Woody Ledbetter
genre: Country
website: cdbaby.com/Artist/WoodyLedbetter

Erline (original)

Erline (Mixed&Mastered)

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Artist: Seon Smith
genre: Contemporary Christian

Let It Be Known (original)

Let It Be Known (Mixed&Mastered)

Artist: Glisestar
genre: Hiphop

Watch This City Burn (original)

Watch This City Burn (Mixed&Mastered)

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