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The work you did on this track is far more than I could have imagined!! Great work on my project. We will definitely continue to work hand in hand with CrazyDaisy. Dope stuff you guys!! I'm beside myself.
- Daniel Carreras

Thank you for the great work. Job well done. I will definitely spread the word.
- JWoo

Sounds Great! You work miracles!
- Dusty Bradshaw

I received the CD's today and I wanted to extend my gratitude for your prompt and efficient service. Any future mastering or duplication needs I have, I will be choosing Crazy Daisy to do the work. Also any friends I have that need these services I will steer your way, again thanks for a job well done.
- Will Johnson

The mastered CD sounds great! You guys provide good service with a personal touch...much appreciated!
- Matt Martin

Your customer service is impeccable and your company's communication is really top notch. I have had problems with other mastering studios before for lack of communication...Thank you for that.
- Robert Maston

I am very pleased with the finished product and the great price. I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks so much.
- Daddy Tesfa

You were the first company I used for mastering, then I paid a well known company $750 to master my second CD. For my 3rd CD I went with a company from NY and it was $850. Your company worked with me the best, was a third of the cost, but most important to me you gave my music the best sound for what was given to you. That is why after putting 4 years into this album, I'm trusting you to do the mastering, Thank you very much, with the money I was able to save I can now buy a laptop :)
- Jesse Bogey

Just so you guys know, I greatly appreciate the work you put in on my project. You guys are a vital part to my humble beginnings. You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work and thanks a whooole lot.
- James Faulkner

I have had the best experience of my recording career working with Crazy Daisy Productions. Erik Veach and his crew are top notch professionals. Their attention to detail and technical precision are exceeded only by their excellent service. My mastering project required special handling, and Erik was with me every step of the way providing direction and guidance I don't think I would have gotten from another studio. Always friendly, courteous, and prompt in his responses to my questions, Erik made an otherwise extended project fun to do, and he worked with me until it was done exactly right, and all within budget. No one can go wrong working with this group. I will be using Erik Veach and Crazy Daisy for all of my mastering projects in the future.
- Nigel Salt, "The American Suburban Experience"

Got the cd on Tuesday. You did a really great job on that. Thanks for the hook-up. Did you do something different with the other two songs? I ask because the cd has really good flow to it.
- JD

I just wanted to thank you. The master sounds better than I ever imagined. I will definitely use your services again for my projects.
- Dan Pound

You did an amazing job on the mastering! I am very satisfied with the final cd. As I said before, I will call on you for all our future releases. Thanks you very much.
- Chazz

This is fantastic! I love your work. I'll be referring all of my people to you. Thank you so much for your promptness and professionalism. I hope to continue doing business with U in the future. Thanks again and I'm putting Crazy Daisy Productions in the liner notes on the album. Oh yeah... Thanks for the feedback on the beats, I really appreciate it. Stay up!
- Tah Phrum Duh Bush! (2010 IMA award nominee)

Hey, I don't know who mastered my song but, TWO THUMBS UP. I want to thank you for your prompt service and your quality of service. I will be send my other songs in the near future. Thank You.
- Chuck Milligan

I don’t mean to use vulgar words but this s*** is f****n perfect!!!!!!! Thank you so much, it has been a pleasure working with you, you definitely have all of my future business.
- Chris Oburg

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful job mastering our demo. It sounds great!!! We will definitely be using Crazy Daisy for our future projects. Thanx again.

Dear Crazy Daisy Productions, This letter is to thank you and express our appreciation for the great work you did with our album as well as the timely matter in which you completed the work. You will be hearing from us with more albums in the future.
- Ola Mopkins, “The Lane Sisters”

I am really happy with what you did with "Beefsteak Junction". I was hoping, but the time and degradation involved it was a cross your fingers situation. You literally pulled the iron from the fire. Kudos. My next project, and my friends who ask, will all be given to Crazy Daisy. Thanks again for your work and dedication.
- Greg Steele

Thanks so much! You guys are on point. Congrats on the amazing skill that you and your team possess! I have been a believer from day one but this is utterly amazing! Much respect!
- Mike

We received the mastered CD and we are completely pleased with the results. Thanks for giving it the extra attention it needed. You guys are really top notch professionals in every way and I will recommend your services to all my musician friends from here on in. Will definitely be sending our future projects to Crazy Daisy Mastering. Thanks again.
- JS Meyer

I received the mastered CD's yesterday and I just wanted to email you guys to let you know I'm very pleased with the finished product and I look forward to giving you guys all of my future releases.
- Emanuel Moran, JamStar Records

I'm writing to thank you for helping me complete my project. I've had the time now to listen to it on several different formats, and I have to say that I'm happy with the mastering polish you were able to give it. I also appreciate the input from Erik. And i totally agree that I need to improve my EQ-ing. I was aware of some bass guitar 'issues', but was willing to go with it and see what could be done in the mastering process. Anyway, I've gotten some really positive feedback from friends and musicians who've heard it so far. I'm already planning my next project, and yes, I'll be in touch with you guys when I'm ready to have that one mastered. By the way, I appreciate the way you stay in touch and update me along the way. It makes a big difference knowing someone really cares about your work. Thanks again.
- Tim Shipp

I have received my master CDs and I would like to thank you for your excellent work. The CDs sounds great. We are looking forward for your help on our future projects, your advice are really helpful for our next project. Thank you again.
- Ger Vang

I got the packet today. Thanks to you and your crew for your great work. I'm looking forward to working with you on my next project.
- Elex

I just received the CD Master yesterday and I am very impressed with the results! There were things brought out in the mix that I couldn't quite hear before but that I wanted to hear. I can actually hear exactly what i'm playing on the bass guitar. And just overall everything can be heard more clearly. I will be using your services in the future. Thanks for the pointers on mixing. I have no professional studio experience. Just trial and error over a few years and picking up pointers along the way. Thanks.
- Leo

Graylight Campfire wishes to send one more thank you for your work on our disc. We are happy with the results, and are now in the duping, production faze. We are also back in the studio for the next one, and plan to use you guys again for least.
- Graylight Campfire

I got the package today. I've listened to the cd and I think that you've done a great job with it. Thanks for all your work. I'll be in touch.
- Johnathan Daniels

I just wanted to say thanks for mastering my track. I was really pleased with the "finished" sound. I'm going to be working on a full CD soon and I look forward to working with Crazy Daisy in the near future. Thanks again for quality work at an affordable price!
- K. Hogan

We'd like to thank you for your work! Sounds great. We'll keep in touch, the next project is already in process and hopefully in a few month we'll need your services again.
- Manu

I'm very pleased with the mastering. I got some things that I knew I wanted, but wasn't sure I could get. 1) The CD sounds pretty much the same on all systems (portable CD player w/headphones, on PC speakers, boombox through the air, higher end stereo system. 2) Sound is good from angles other than dead center. Even sounds good around the corner in another room. 3) Sound stays consistent as volume decreases.
- Sam Johnson

Erik, I received the fixed discs yesterday, and everything is right on and sounds great, thanks again!
- Chris Stackhouse

After listening to the CD, we were very pleased and put the CD into production. You all did a great job... Let your engineers know they did a great job.
- Marcel

You guys mastered my cd for me a few weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know that you did a fantastic job with what I gave you to work with. Moreover, I really appreciate the letter accompanying the cd with some suggestions on my next recording. Thank you so much and I will send you future work and will recommend your services.
- Bryan Kaehr

Hey Erik. Just wanted to follow up with you and let you know I am very satisfied with the mastering work on my recording. Joel did a very nice job with the EQ. The final listens in many environments have all proven strong and smooth. I appreciate your prompt professional service and hope to do more business with you in the future. Thanks again.
- Michael Frazier

I got back from vacation and was just able to listen to our master. I want to thank you for the excellent job you did with the mastering. We really couldn't have hoped for more. Also, thank you for your professional service. I'll be referring friends to you in the future.
- Diane Forsyth

Erik, thank you so much. I received the CD this morning at about 9am. It’s been great doing business with you. I'll definitely refer some people to you. The CD sounds great. I'm looking forward to sending more projects for mastering. I'm grateful.
- Bezariel Mwanza

Hey guys. Thanks a lot for the great job you did on the mastering. You are the best.
- Bill Speacht

I received the mastered CD's yesterday and I just wanted to email you guys to let you know I'm very pleased with the finished product and I look forward to giving you guys all of my future releases. Thanks.
- Emanuel E. Moran

We have received the CD and it sounds great. Thank you for your cooperation and look forward to working with you in the future.
- Dave

Thanks for your work. The CD sounds awesome. I will be sending in another in the next couple of weeks. Again thank you!
- Campbell Lumbila

The CD sounds great. Thanks, and we look forward to doing business with you again.
- Jefferson Britt

I looked around for weeks to find a suitable mastering company. Most of them gave me the run around, telling me that they didn't have a flat fee and that they would need to hear the material first. One day, I stumbled onto Crazy Daisy through google! Not only was I impressed after hearing the before and after samples on their sample pages, but the level of professionalism that Erik gave me was exceptional. They took my music from just sounding good, to sounding fantastic! There is no comparison between the original and the mastered product! My music sounds fuller, richer and has that nice polished touch. I am definitely going to use Crazy Daisy in the future for my next album! Thank you so much for a great product, honest pricing, and great customer service and support! Thank you for taking all those technical terms about mastering and explaining them in a clear understandable manner! I love that about your site, you don't have to be an audio engineer to understand what is going to be done to your music! Your honesty and integrity is a breath of fresh air in this day and age!
- Marissa Manzino

Crazy Daisy, Thank you, I received my CD yesterday. I am happy the quality of the mastering. Thanks again.
- Todd Kinsley

I thank you for your support thru my first CD promotion. I have four additional CD'S planned and I will be contacting you soon for future orders. I have also passed you name along to other singer songwriters who will be contacting you as well. Thanks this has been a wish for the last 20 years to get to this point and I'm more than happy that I made the right choice in choosing you. Thanks so much.
- Maurice Tully

I received everything on Saturday. The CDs sound and look great. I am working on some new tracks now... I will send them to you for mastering as soon as they are finished. Thank you.
- Matt Rickman

Hey Erik, just wanted to say you did a great job on that cd. Thanks man.
- Scott

The mastered tracks sound remarkable, awesome job! I will call you during the week about the other songs on the album. Thanks again.
- Joe

I got everything on Saturday and wanted to drop a note to say thanks for the awesome job and the time and care you took with our music. Thanks also for the helpful suggestions about future recording/mixing hopefully next time you get something from us there will be significant improvements on our end. No doubt about it that you will have all our future music to master.
- Josh Wymore

I wanted to inform you we are extremely pleased with our master copy of the album, and are still steadily selling units as we speak, we will continue to do business with you in the future, strait from the Ghozt Freakz mouth: crazy daisy productions iz the s***!!!!!
- Monica Salazar, Ghozt Freakz

We are extremely pleased with the quality of the tracks. Thanks so much for working with us!
- Rodney Davis

Sounds great. Thanks again for all the work you put into it. I'll definitely recommend your services to other musicians & bands that I talk to. Thanks again.
- Darren Pyle

I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you did for two projects I am involved with. The process you performed on our tracks dramatically improved our overall sound. I am involved in a variety of projects and intend on using you for our future mastering needs.
- Art Bodin

I received the CD you guys mastered for us and it sounds great! Thanks for your great work.
- Tom Gilhuley, “Team Mascot”

Just letting you know I got the CDs and they sound great. Anyway, thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future. I put a link to Crazy Daisy on my website.
- Tyler

Just got my CD this morning!! It's like a holiday miracle. Sounds phenomenal, Erik. Thank you for another job well done.
- chewie & clif

The master just came in yesterday, sounds great thank you. It was our first home recording so the advice is great. Thanks again.
- Tommy Blevins

Erik, I listened to the tracks and it was like you were all inside me mind. Damn bro, that's it! It felt almost like the original, the only changes I would make now, would be in the mix I did. I bow in the presence of greatness, O Great One.
- Andre Saunders

Everything sounds great! The piano sounds much better, as do the vocals. Thanks much. :) We'll definitely recommend you in the future to anyone who's looking for hassle-free mastering. Thanks again.
- Adam Alexander

Hi Erik, thanks to you and Joel for doing such a nice job on this project. It sounds great.
- Steve

They are F****N PUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! You guys did it!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! The fades, the guitars, everything.......and the backwards masking on [song title]....Yes!!!!! Very Cool, I really don't know what to say... it is way better than what I expected. Hey you guys obviously had fun and took lots of risk! Thank you so much for giving my album the attention it needed.

Yo!!! Great job E, I'm happy with it, I love it, I love it. Man I'm feeling this track even more now. I’m more than happy with it. Great job, I told you I had faith in you and your staff's abilities.
- BK

It sounds great. I will definitely refer anyone who is looking for quality mastering at a reasonable price to you!
- Harrison

Thanks for another wonderful job, Erik, you all have rescued me again. The mastering on my song made the track sound better than ever.
- Harold Daniels

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