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Crazy Daisy Productions offers audio track addition and replacement services to help you make your song the way you want it to be. Sample clips from client projects are provided below to provide examples of improvements that can be made by adding or replacing tracks.

Consider this Scenario:

Your song is already recorded and mixed, but it didn't turn out as well as you had hoped, or does not quite have the professional feeling you were going for.

Solution 1 - Track Addition

Perhaps the addition of another guitar, keyboard, or percussion part can help fill out the instrumentation and add body to the song? Maybe adding some backing vocals will make the chorus pop? Maybe you want some sound effects added - explosions, bell ringing, gunshot, crowd cheers and clapping, background "chatter" to sound like a live recording, etc.?

Solution 2 - Track Replacement

Perhaps replacing the midi guitar part with an acoustic guitar, or replacing your drum sample loop track with live drums will bring a more authentic feel?

Crazy Daisy offers track addition and replacement services to help you in cases such as these. We work with a number of talented, professional studio musicians who can provide backing vocals or nearly any instrumental part to your project. In addition, we have access to a wide library of pre-recorded material that can be utilized, including sound samples, loops, sound effects, and much more.

ProTools mix session

The Process

For both track addition and track replacement services, the process is fairly simple:
  1. Track Addition: send in your best mixdown of the song, as you would for mastering, and include notes describing which part or parts you would like to have added or what kind of extra sound you are hoping to get.
  2. Track Replacement: send in 2 stereo mixdown versions of your song; one with all your parts mixed the best you can get it, and one with the part(s) removed that you would like us to replace.
  3. We utilize pre-recorded material or bring in a studio musician to record the new material, as appropriate, and mix it into your song.
  4. We present you with your new song, with tracks added or replaced as requested.
In some cases it may be best to provide us with your full mix session rather than a mixed down track.
Most often we provide mastering along with the track addition/replacement recording and mixing work, so it's best to provide us with an unmastered original mixdown to work with for highest quality results.

Rates for Track Addition or Replacement Services

Rates for track addition or track replacement are generally between $25-$150, depending on the nature of the sound or track being added or replaced. This cost may be lower if we are adding in simple digital sampled parts or a short sound effect, or higher if we are adding in a more unique instrument sound. We will also mix in the new material to your song and master the final resulting track in order to give you a complete final sound. Mixing and mastering costs vary from project to project, but can be estimated using our mix cost estimation calculator. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project requirements and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate, or send in your project materials and note your requested track addition/replacement services and we will give you a quote.

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Hear Sample Clips

The following are samples of our track addition and replacement services from actual client projects.

Artist: Troy Smith (
Track: God is Good
Part(s) Added: Bass line added, additional bells and choir-style keyboard sound added to soundbed
BEFORE additions mp3 clip
AFTER parts added mp3 clip

Artist: Mars Attacks (
Track: Past Year's Snow
Part(s) Added: Studio Bass guitar replaced scratch bass guitar recording
BEFORE additions mp3 clip
AFTER parts added mp3 clip - (English AFTER version)

Artist: DJ Unwind (
Track: Love Music
Part(s) Added: Studio lead electric guitar replaced midi lead guitar part
BEFORE additions mp3 clip
AFTER parts added mp3 clip

Artist: M1460 (
Track: Crystal Lake
Part(s) Added: Studio Drums replaced midi sample drums in song
BEFORE additions mp3 clip
AFTER parts added mp3 clip

"Awesome. I just wanna say thanks for everything and for making my album come out 150% better than it was before. I admit I was a bit hesitant at first because you offer your services so low of a price but I feel like I definitely got a professional treatment and my money was well spent. So give a big thank you from me to everyone that was involved in mastering my album. I will be definitely be using you guys whenever I get another album together. THANKS AGAIN!"

-Heath Benson

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