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Considering having Crazy Daisy Productions mix and master your tracks?

We understand that it can be a big decision to hand your songs over to a studio to take care of finishing up the mixing and mastering work for you. We have two options that can be of assistance.
First, we offer a

Free Mix Evaluation

so you can get feedback about what your mix needs to help it sound its best and a price quote for us to do the work required to get it there.

The other option we offer is a

$40 Mix and Master Test.

This is a discounted option to have us fully mix and master a portion of your song so that you can hear an example of our online mixing and mastering services at a lower cost. If you like what you hear, or if you feel it's close to the sound you're aiming for, you can pay the difference for the full song to be mixed and mastered, including any final touches you may request.

contact us with any questions  Questions? We are here to assist!

If you would like to proceed with our $40 Mix and Master Test option you can follow these steps:

1. Use our

Mixing Price Calculator

to estimate the price for mixing and mastering your song. This will inform you of the likely balance that will be due if you decide to proceed with having us finish the full song after you hear the Mix and Master Test section.

2. Read our

Mixing Preparation

page for helpful information about how to prepare your mix session files to send to us for your Mix and Master Test.

3. Proceed to the