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Audio Mixing Service Options and Rates

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Complete Audio Mixing

Consider the following scenarios:
  • You have recorded your material but have not done any editing, EQ work, added effects, or made any adjustments to levels or panning.
  • You have recorded your material and done some degree of mixing, but only to achieve a basic mix. There is still a good amount of work required to get it to sound the way you want.
  • You have recorded and mixed all your material and feel the final mixdown is fairly good, but you know a lot more can be done to it - you just don't have the time, experience, or equipment to get it there.
If your project fits any of these situations, you may need MIXING to help you finish your project. By "Mixing" we mean that there is some degree of work that is required on some or all of the individual elements within the song to make it sound balanced and musically appealing.

   Our experienced engineers will work closely with you by phone and/or email to ensure your tracks
   achieve the sound you want.
  • Per-Song/Project Mixing Rate: See our Mix Calculator Below
  • Hourly Mixing Rate (for extended ongoing projects of undetermined total length): $40 per hour + $10 per song fee, minimum downpayment applies

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    Touch-Up Mixing

    If your song has already been mixed and you feel the mix is nearly complete, then you may only need Touch Up Mixing work to finish it up instead of complete mixing work. Touch-up mixing plus mastering gives the mix engineer enough freedom to make some final fine-tuning adjustments to your mix prior to handing it over to the mastering engineer, but doesn't cost as much as full mixing. To utilize touch-up mixing to finish up your mix you will need to prepare stems mixdowns for each of your songs. For detailed information about this service, see our Touch-up Mixing page.

       Touch-up Mixing Rate
       $20 per song (when added to Audio Mastering services)
       See rates for Audio Mastering services with touch-up mixing added.

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    Track Add or Replace

    Like your recorded song but still not completely satisfied with the mix? Often times simple changes such as replacing a synthesized drum loop with live drums, replacing a midi guitar with a real guitar, or adding a background instrument such as a violin can make all the difference in a song.

    Crazy Daisy offers services to add or replace instrumental audio tracks and sound effects. We work with a variety of professional studio musicians, and have access to sound libraries with various sound cues and effects, to help you achieve the best final sound for your project.

       Track Add/Replace Rate
       Starting at $50* for performance cost, or $10 for audio sound sample licensing (plus applicable audio mixing and mastering service costs).
       *Rates vary depending on sound or performance need.

Rate Calculator

To receive a quick calculation of the expected timelines and cost for mixing and mastering your material, enter your information below. The calculator will produce an price and estimated time range for your project. The calculator is risk-free and does not obligate you to purchase any services.


How Many "Songs" to Be Mixed?
Describe what kind of tracks are in your "song[s]":
Do you have multiple takes of your vocal tracks that you want us to select through to create the best comp vocal take?
Do you need radio edited versions of your songs in addition to the full version?
If your track has vocals, do you want a mixed and mastered instrumental version as well as the full version?
If your track has vocals, do you want a mixed and mastered live performance version [lead vocal removed] as well as the full version?


At Standard timeline rate of $ project is usually completed in to days
OR at Rush timeline rate of $ project will be completed in to days, guaranteed
All Mixing price quotes INCLUDE Mastering as part of the service.

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Free Evaluation and Rate Quote

Send us your materials for a free mix evaluation by uploading your mix session or example mixed audio file through our website. We will review your mix and send you a rate quote for mixing and mastering. There is no obligation.

Not sure which services you need?

Send in one tracks for a free evaluation (see above), visit our Mixing FAQs page for answers to common questions, or check out our Mixing or Mastering? page to determine the service that is right for you.

This has been a ton of fun for us and you and Joel have done a great job. Thank you both for a wonderful job of mixing and mastering! We will pass on our recommendation to use your services to others in the future."

- James McKee

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