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Our free mix evaluation service has been removed in order to ensure we have sufficient time to work on all our paid client projects. Feel free to contact us via our contact page link if you have questions about our mixing services. Examples of past client projects can be found at the link shown below. Mixing services can still be ordered through the mixing section of our website or at the link below.
Thank you for your understanding.

Mixing Examples

Listen to before and after online mixing examples from past client projects. Mixed tracks have also been mastered by Crazy Daisy Mastering.

Hear examples of mixed and mastered tracks
Listen to Mixing Samples

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If you aren't certain which of our services you need for your project, Contact Us for assistance.
You can also read out our Mixing OR Mastering page, which provides details about the different types of professional audio assistance we offer: stems mastering, separated acappella and beat mastering, and full song mixing. We're here to help you determine which service is most applicable to your project's needs.