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Audio Mastering Service Options and Rates

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Standard Mastering Prices per Track - for tracks up to 5 minutes in length

Our price for mastering is based on the quantity of tracks you submit to us to be mastered at the same time. Prices listed below are for Standard Timeline Mastering, which typically means a wait of roughly 5-7 days, depending on how many other mastering projects are ahead of yours in our schedule at the time you place your order.
If you're a returning client (mastered 5 or more songs with us in the past) you are eligible for an additional discount off any projects with 3 or more tracks being mastered together.


*If you have more than 25 tracks Contact Us for pricing.

*Additional $2 per audio minute charge for tracks over 5 minutes in length, rounded up to the next minute. Contact us for pricing if you have any tracks over 10 minutes in length.
*Rush Timeline Mastering (2-3 days completion time, guaranteed) available at 50% upcharge over Standard Timeline Mastering prices.

Mix Analysis option

This is an option that can be added to any Mastering service to have Crazy Daisy Productions review your mixes and provide you with technical feedback in the form of a short report prior to proceeding with the mastering work. Click here to see a sample report. After reading the feedback report you may decide to refine your mixes, if necessary, based on the recommendations provided and send over updated tracks to be used for mastering in place of your original mixes. For this service, simply provide us with a single stereo .WAV or .AIFF mixdown audio file for each song just as you would for any audio mastering service.

Mix Analysis costs an additional $5 per track when added to Standard Timeline Mastering. (Additional $7.50 per track when added to Rush Timeline Mastering.)

*Adding this pre mastering analysis for your songs generally adds about 1-3 days to your expected turnaround time, plus any potential additional time you may require for updating your mixes before resubmitting them for mastering.

Vocal + Instrumental Separation Mastering

This option allows the mastering engineer greater flexibility and freedom to adjust EQ and levels of the vocals separately from the instrumentation, to increase potential for the best possible sound results. For this service, provide Crazy Daisy with one stereo .WAV or .AIFF mixdown audio file with all vocal parts and one file with all instrumental parts for each song. More details can be found on our Mixing OR Mastering page.

Cost is $10 per song when added to Standard Timeline Mastering. (Cost is $15 per song when added to Rush Timeline Mastering.)

*If you're wanting to receive independently mastered instrumental and full/vocal versions of your song see Variation Mastering details below.

Stems Mastering

If you would like to have us touch-up details in your mix to help optimize it for best possible mastering results, then our Stems Mastering option is for you. With Stems Mastering you can provide us with up to 6 stereo stems (separated parts) per song to allow the mastering engineer the ability to make minor level, panning, EQ, dynamics, and other tweaks to specific parts that make up the mix of your song as part of the whole mastering process. This additional level of attention to detail can potentially provide you with even better sounding results. More details can be found on our Mixing OR Mastering page.

Cost is $20 per song when added to Standard Timeline Mastering. (Cost is $30 per song when added to Rush Timeline Mastering.)

*Contact Us for details and pricing if you wish to provide more than 6 parts (stems) per song, or if you want to send us the full mix session instead of stem tracks.

Variation Track Mastering

If you need to have separately mastered versions of tracks which are essentially same material we are already mastering for you, but with minor differences or "variations" we refer to this as Variation Track Mastering. Examples of variation mastering may include: a performance (karaoke) version, an instrumental version, a radio-friendly version of a track containing explicit material, remix versions of previously mastered tracks, etc.

Cost for mastering variation tracks is half the price of the standard mastering rates - see the price chart for standard mastering above, or use our mastering price calculator below Variation track pricing assumes you already paid the full mastering price on the original/first version of your song.

Mastering Project COST CALCULATOR

Tracks Under 5 minutes in Length: Tracks 5-6 minutes in Length: Tracks 6-7 minutes in Length:
Tracks 7-8 minutes in Length: Tracks 8-9 minutes in Length: Tracks 9-10 minutes in Length:
additional variation tracks to add to main tracks for mastering:
tracks for optional added mix analysis:
tracks for optional vocal+instrumental mastering upgrade:
tracks for optional stems mastering upgrade:
Speed of Service:
  =   $ for a total of tracks to be mastered.

The calculated value presented is intended to provide you with an accurate estimated price for your mastering project. The final exact price quote may vary slightly based on the specific details of your project.

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Mastering Examples

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Order Audio Mastering Online: upload your WAV, MP3, WMA, M4A, or AIFF files here.