Crazy Daisy Productions: audio production services
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Crazy Daisy Productions: Sound and Music Editing Services

We can assist you with Audio Editing Services using your own recorded material or on existing songs to produce the best possible final audio track for your needs.
Some examples of where Audio Editing can be useful are:

  • Cleaning up and enhancing voice recordings, including removing unwanted pauses and noises between speaking
  • Altering the length or speed of a recording
  • Creating a "DJ remix" of a compilation of songs or an edited or extended version of a single song
  • Selecting out a particular phrase or phrases in a vocal, music, or other recording for re-use elsewhere
  • Combining multiple audio recordings into a single track

Sound Editing Prices

Standard audio editing service rates are either priced on a case by case basis. Generally speaking the price is $40 per estimated hour of work required plus a small administrative fee, but on some projects it is priced based on a dollar amount per audio minute (typically $2 per audio minute), with a $20 minimum charge for any project. Total project price will vary based on the level of service required and there may be a discount for editing on multiple tracks.

Please CONTACT US with details about your project so we can provide you with a free price quote and any recommendations