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Pioneers of automated intelligent mastering, offering audio mastering services since 2003. We were the first to develop an intelligent digital master system used by our engineers, in combination with professional experienced human input, to produce quality, reliable mastered sound at an affordable price. We have been continually upgrading and improving this system to best utilize current techology and to ensure that the sound produced always stays pertinent to modern sensibilities. By combining state of the art digital audio technology with professional human engineering experience gives you the best possible mastered sound. With nearly 20 years of experience in providing high quality online audio mastering services, you won't find anyone else with our degree of expertise in this field. If you want the best sound, at a price that's affordable for everyone, look no further - you have arrived.
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We've mastered literally thousands of songs in every genre imaginable. Below are just a few examples of tracks from clients who used our mastering services for their music. You can find many more examples on our Mastering Examples page. Or, for the ultimate test, send your own audio file to us for a Free Mastering Sample and hear first hand how our online audio mastering can help improve your sound and give your music a truly finished feel.


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Not sure if your track needs to be mixed and mastered or if it just needs mastering? Contact Us for assistance. Or visit our Mixing OR Mastering page, which provides details on the various types of professional online assistance we offer, such as stems masters, separated acappella and beat mastering, and full song mixing, to assist you with determining what level of service your project needs. You can also submit your song to get a FREE Mastered Sample OR FREE Mix Evaluation which allows us to help you find the best way to proceed to ensure your music or sound project gets the most professional sounding results.
Audio files are uploaded through our website and resulting master tracks sent back via email download link. But rest assured that every track will be mastered by an experienced professional engineer at our mastering studio. We employ an intelligent automated application that we developed specifically to assist our engineers to do their jobs more efficiently and consistently, providing consistent high quality sounding masters. We pioneered the use of smart automated mastering systems nearly 2 decades ago, and we've perfected their implemenation as an assisting tool for professional human engineers. This way you can be sure that when you have your tracks mastered by Crazy Daisy Mastering they will receive both the detailed technical attention of modern AI systems as well as the experienced artistry of a professional sound engineer.


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