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Professional Online Audio Mixing & Mastering Services

Online Music Mixing services for every genre and style of sound. Projects accepted in Logic, ProTools, Reaper, Cubase, Audacity, Studio One, Fruity Loops, or send us your raw recorded tracks or stems from your mix done in any platform and let us help you create the best sounding mix for your tracks. As we are the original pioneers of online mastering services as well, every mixing project includes mastering so that you're finished audio track sounds professional and ready for broadcast (TV, Radio, Movies, Streaming, etc), duplication (CDs, DVDs, vinyl, etc), and digital distribution (Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, etc.).

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Mixing Preparation

Instructions on how to prepare your mix to send over to us for online mixing services. Details for all major mixing software, plus recommendations on how to send tracks mixed in programs other than those we use here.

Show me preparation ideas...

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We've mixed countless songs in every genre imaginable. Below are just a few examples of tracks from clients who used our online mixing services for their music. You can find many more examples on our Mixing Examples page. You can also upload your mix session for a Free Mix Evaluation and receive a brief summary of suggestions from a professional mixing engineer regarding what your track needs to sound its best, as well as a price quote to have Crazy Daisy Productions provide the final mixing and mastering services to achieve that sound.




Struggling to get a good, loud, clear bass sound in your mix and can't understand why it's so difficult to achieve? Crazy Daisy Productions lead engineer Erik Veach takes a look at why loud Bass can be such a challenge in your mix in this Soundfly post -

Not sure whether your track needs to be mixed and mastered or perhaps it's ready for mastering? Contact Us for assistance. Or visit our Mixing OR Mastering page, which provides details on the various types of professional online assistance we offer, such as stems masters, separated acappella and beat mastering, and full song mixing, to assist you with determining what level of service your project needs. You can also submit your song to get a FREE Mix Evaluation, which allows you to upload your current mix through our website and receive feedback and recommendations via email.

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Vocals, drums, sound effects, narration, voiceover and other production elements added. Check out our Track and Voice Addition page for more details.