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Fine-Tune Your Mixes

Touch-up mixing, also referred to as stem mastering, separation mastering, or mastering from parts, provides flexibility for optimizing and enhancing individual elements within a mix prior to the final audio mastering process.

If your project fits any of the following criteria you may benefit from a mastering package that includes Fine-Tuning/Touch-up Mixing.

  • You feel like it's "getting close", but there are a few issues you can't quite seem to get to turn out in the mix the way you want them.
  • It sounds okay, roughly speaking, but when you and others listen to it critically you get comments such as "I can't understand your lyrics", "how come the guitar is so loud", or "why does the beat sound so boomy and muddy".
  • The sound is as good as you can get it in the mix so you thought it might be ready for Audio Mastering, but after trying our Free Mastering Sample it became clear there were a few minor mix issues that needed to be addressed. However, you don't feel you can adequately take care of these issues yourself, or you would simply like to have a professional take care of them, just to be on the safe side.
If any of these criteria seem to describe your project then you are probably very close to being ready for Audio Mastering, but may attain better results if you add Touch-up Mixing work to your Audio Mastering Service.

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How do I know if I need mixing help before mastering?

Visit our "Mixing Or Mastering?" page for assistance with determining which level of service would be most beneficial to you.


For touch-up mixing work, we require that you do some preparation on your part in order to reduce the project size down to a few component parts that can quickly and easily be handled by our engineers. In a nutshell, you will need to bounce-down or export all of your audio tracks with your current EQ, volume level, stereo panning, and effects applied, and create stereo "stems" files in easily identifiable groups that we can then import and manipulate for fine-tuning purposes. Due to the time limitations for touch-up mixing, you are limited to a maximum of 6 stereo audio stem files per song, so choose your groupings accordingly.
Some examples of groups of stems you could choose (depending on the specifics of your song) may be:

* Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Guitars, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
* Beat Track, Verse One Lead Vocals, Verse One Backing Vocals, Verse 2 Lead Vocals, Verse 2 Backing Vocals, Hook Vocals
* Percussion, Strings, Horns, Pianos, Choir, Effects

PRICE = $20 per song optional add-on to mastering services (in addition to standard mastering rates)


* Touch-up Mixing is intended to be added to Audio Mastering as a complete service package (i.e., we do not offer Touch-up Mixing as a standalone service).
* You may be able to send us your complete mix session for Touch-Up mixing, for a small additional fee beyond the typical Touch-Up costs. Contact us for details if interested.
* When you purchase a Touch-up Mixing + Audio Mastering package you will receive the final mastered WAV and MP3 digital tracks for downloading just as if you purchased Audio Mastering alone. The difference with the Touch-Up Mixing add-on is simply in the level of control that you provide our engineers to work with your material.
* A hard copy Gold Audio Master CD and MP3 Master CD can be purchased as an option just as with standard mastering.

"Your engineers are the best, I couldn't ask for nothing better. Everything sounds great. I will ensure to send you some new clients, I have a number of artist that will need your greatness."
- Elex Everett

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