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By checking this box I agree to the charges for audio engineering services to be rendered by Crazy Daisy Productions for my project. Guarantee: You will receive a great-sounding, high-quality mastered track. As part of this guarantee we offer 1 to 2 additional mastering adjustments beyond the initial mastering work, if necessary, to help ensure the results match your expectations as much possible. There may be some recording limitations inherent in the materials you provide, but we will do our best to overcome these wherever possible and push your sound to its greatest potential result. It's our job to help you sound great! Cancellation policy: An order may be cancelled and 100% refunded anytime prior to the start of your project at our studio. Once work has commenced on your project, your order may not be cancelled or refunded. Privacy statement: Crazy Daisy Productions strives to provide a high level of customer service. Please contact us if you have questions or need assistance.
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I hereby authorize Crazy Daisy Mastering to use up to 30 seconds from my specified audio tracks for Crazy Daisy Productions' promotional purposes. I understand this is entirely optional and that if my track is chosen to be shared Crazy Daisy Productions will include a link to the website I have listed on this order form next to my audio track title as compensation for use of my sample.
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