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Featured below are before and after mastering samples shred as short audio clips from tracks mastered by Crazy Daisy Productions. These mastering samples are drawn from past client projects in a variety of genres. All mastering samples were voluntarily released by their owners for sharing on our website. We encourage you to listen through the before and after mastering examples in several genres so you can hear how each style of music is handled according to its particular category of sound.


  1. Electronic
  2. Folk, Country, Bluegrass
  3. HipHop
  4. Jazz, Blues
  5. Rock, Pop
  6. Vocal, R&B, Gospel
  7. World, New Age, Instrumental

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Sumth'n to Bump - original
Sumth'n to Bump - Mastered

Bass Kittens

Last Girl on the Moon - original
Last Girl on the Moon - Mastered


Dusty Columbus - original
Dusty Columbus - Mastered

Danniel Oickle

For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge - original
For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge - Mastered

Killing Thursby

Hole in the World - original
Hole in the World - Mastered


Hi Wassup - original
Hi Wassup - Mastered

We treat every track individually in our mastering process to ensure best quality results. Regardless of whether you want us to master a single song or 100 songs, every track will receive our fullest attention. Listening to these mastering examples you will notice every song maintains its own unique presentation in keeping with the style of sound.


Six Mile Creek

Ramblin Bone - original
Ramblin Bone - Mastered (after mix analysis)

Jon Manners

The Dotted Line - original
The Dotted Line - Mastered

The Lucky Ones

Easy to Love - original
Easy to Love - Mastered

Colmus Family

Washed Clean - original
Washed Clean - Mastered

Kevin Michael Thompson

My Oh My, My Oh Me- original
My Oh My, My Oh Me - Stems Mastered

Renegade String Band

I'm For You - original
I'm For You - Mastered

By using a combination of intelligent computer systems and human experience, we provide you with consistent, reliable, high quality audio mastering results. Our automated mastering system is a tool which finds the most common adjustments that help all tracks sound their best, and an experienced human engineer will apply additional enhancements based on well honed artistic judgement to ensure that every song has excellent technical and musical playback quality. We hope you enjoy the mastered example tracks presented here.


Kali Kronic

Hollywood Love - original
Hollywood Love - Mastered


Twin Town Anthem - original
Twin Town Anthem - Mastered

Southside Connect Gang

Wishing Well - original
Wishing Well - Mastered


Ironwork - original
Ironwork - Mastered

Cotton State King

Torch A Rack - original
Torch A Rack - Mastered


It's Alright - original
It's Alright - Mastered

If our samples haven't convinced you of our ability to produce professional mastered tracks in every genre of music, you can also send us one of your own audio files and we will provide you with a Free Mastering Sample so you can hear first hand how our online mastering services will work with your own music.


Abstract Truth with G Lawrence

Sky's the Limit - original
Sky's the Limit - Mastered

Davina and The Vagabonds

Let's Bring It Back - original
Let's Bring It Back - Mastered

The Bass Mint Bros
-- NE Urban Music Award Winner

The Corner Store - original
The Corner Store - Mastered

Alien Music Club

SenZoo - original
SenZoo - Mastered

Travis Wesley meets Ron Jones

The More I See You - original
The More I See You - Mastered

If you're uncertain whether you need mixing or mastering to help your tracks sound their best, check out our Mixing Or Mastering? page where we describe some of the differences between these services. We also recommend that you send us one of your songs for a Free Mix Evaluation so you can get feedback from a professional engineer on whether your song could use additional work in the mix or if it's ready to be mastered now.


Randon Purcell

Volition - original
Volition - Mastered


Gaze - original
Gaze - Mastered

Craig Green Band

Gonna Miss You - original
Gonna Miss You - Mastered

Kaster Troy

Faceless - original
Faceless - Vocal + Instrumental Separation Mastered

Call the Robots

My Baby - original
My Baby - Mastered

Dead Horse Jive

Craic Train - original
Craic Train - Mastered

We're always happy to assist our clients in determining which of our services are best suited to their project, considering timeline, budget, artistic goals, and other factors. CONTACT US BY WEB MAIL HERE any time, or you can also call or text us at 1-541-517-1458 during typical business hours (Pacific Coast time zone) for faster assistance. And feel free to take as much time listening to as many of the mastering samples on this page as you wish. Or you can also hear examples of our mixing work on our Music Mixing and Mastering Samples Page.



Call On Me - original
Call On Me - Mastered


Soldier - original
Soldier - Mastered

April Underwood

I Need You - original
I Need You - Mastered

Harold Daniels

You Made it Through the Storm - original
You Made it Through the Storm - Mastered

Noreen Crayton

About Time - Mastered


Movie - original
Movie - Mastered

Heard these mastering samples and want to proceed with having your own tracks mastered? For the best possible results we recommend following the procedures found on our Mastering Preparation Page. This will help you set up your mix to produce the optimal sound after it has been mastered.



Worry Not - original
Worry Not - Mastered


Oringo - original
Oringo - Mastered

John Bonica

Bella Tarentella - original
Bella Tarentella - Mastered

Felix Reza y La Senal

A Grito de Cumbia - original
A Grito de Cumbia - Mastered

Elex Everett

Scatter - original
Scatter - Mastered

David Abramsky

Glorify Thy Name - original
Glorify Thy Name - Mastered

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