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We will also provide pricing information for mastering services, including audio mastering options that may be of interest to you. If we discover any major issues in the mix we will also mention them and list any recommendations for fixing them.

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**IMPORTANT NOTES** Your mastered sample will be a short section chosen from your full track you provide. You must provide a valid email address as we require a response from the email address you list before we will begin any work on your mastering sample. The typical wait time to receive your mastered sample is 2-4 days.

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Your free mastering sample will be emailed back to you, along with the original track for comparison

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Mastering Examples

Listen to before and after mastering examples from past client projects. Tracks separated by music genre.

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You might also want to check out our Mixing OR Mastering page, which provides some information about the various levels of professional audio assistance we offer, such as stems mastering, separated acappella and beat mastering, and full song mixing, and may help you determine what service is most applicable to your project's needs. If you believe your track may need additional mix help before mastering you're also welcome to try a FREE Mix Evaluation to get feedback from a professional engineer in determining the best way to proceed to ensure your music or sound project gets the best sounding results.

Give our free mastering sample offer a try. Online audio mastering services you can count on, utilizing cutting edge intelligent mastering systems combined with the human artistry of an experienced professional engineer, for the best sound possible.