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VOCAL and INSTRUMENTAL Separation Mastering

Crazy Daisy Productions offers a variety of mastering services to enrich your audio project and help you attain the sound you want for your music. The Vocal and Instrumental Separation Mastering option allows treatments to be applied to the vocal and instrumental tracks separately before mastering the song as a whole.

Vocal and instrumental separation allows the mastering engineer greater flexibility and freedom to adjust EQ and levels of the vocals separately from the instrumentation, to increase potential for the best possible sound results.

This add-on mastering option may be useful to you if:

  • You are mostly happy with your overall mix, but aren't sure about exactly how to set your relative volume levels between your vocals and instrumental/beat parts.
  • You are mostly happy with your overall mix, but would like to have just a little extra mix attention given to either the vocal part or the instrumental part independently prior to having the combined full mix mastered.
  • You are completely happy with your overall mix, but you would like to give the mastering engineer a little extra freedom to work with the separated vocal and instrumental parts as part of the mastering process just in case there is any extra quality that can be squeezed out of the full track this way.

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Audio Preparation

To take advantage of this service you will need to provide Crazy Daisy with one stereo .wav or .aiff audio mixdown file with all vocal parts and one audio mixdown file with all instrumental parts for each song.

The standard Vocal and Instrumental Separation Mastering price is an additional $10 per song when added to any standard mastering service.
Visit our mastering rates page for details on all mastering service prices.


"I just want to thank you for the careful mastering work and courteous service. All the songs sound better - not just louder - with some nice touches, like smoothened vocals and drums. I also appreciate the recording advice. "

-Robin Mookerjee
Crazy Daisy Productions
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