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Music Mixing Service Options and Rates

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Mixing rate information

Our prices for mixing always include mastering. Rates are based on the quantity of songs you submit to us to be mixed+mastered at the same time, the length of the songs, the number of tracks that make up each song to be mixed, and a few other factors. Prices are for Standard Timeline Mixing & Mastering, which typically means a wait of roughly 5-7 days, depending on how many other projects are ahead of yours in our schedule at the time you place your order. We also offer Rush Timeline at a 50% upcharge to the price to receive your mixed and mastered tracks back in about half of the standard timeline, if you need them ready sooner. See our mixing services price calculator below for a rate quote for your online mixing and mastering project.
If you're a returning client (mixed and mastered 3 or more songs with us in the past) you are eligible for an additional discount off any mixing and mastering project.

Some options to consider when placing a mixing order:
* Do you want to submit multiple takes of certain tracks and have us select the best take for you or assemble a "comp" track from the best parts within your various takes?
* Will you need additional versions of your mixes, such as a radio edit, performance backing track, or instrumental version? * Are you wanting to have any additional sounds or instruments added to your mixes, such as drum loops, sound samples, or synth pads?

Contact us if you have questions about these or other options.

Touch-Up Mixing + Mastering Services

If your song has already been mixed and you feel the mix is nearly complete, but you think it might benefit from some final fine-tuning adjustments to the mix (or if we've made this recommendation to you when you submitted it for a free mastering sample or free mix evaluation) you have two options: 1. You can submit it as a Stems Mastering project, in which you export your mix into 4 to 6 stereo stem audio tracks that represent your full mix when combined together to alllow the mastering engineer the flexibility to make those final detail adjustments to certain aspects of your mix as part of the mastering process. The price for this option is $50 for a single song. OR 2. You can send us your complete mix session and we can make final detail touch-ups to the mix project before exporting the song to be mastered. The price for this option is $60 per song, including mastering, and requires that your mix is done in one of the mixing platforms that we use here (More Information). There may also be considerations regarding digital instruments, effects plugins, and software versions that might make it more logical in some instances to submit your project as a Stems Mastering project rather than try to send over the entire mix session in its original program.

Mixing + Mastering Project COST CALCULATOR

Number of songs with 2-8 tracks: Number of songs with 9-16 tracks:
Number of songs with 17-24 tracks: Number of songs with 25-40 tracks: Number of songs with 41-60 tracks:
How many of the above songs are under 2 minutes long?
How many of the above songs are 5-7 minutes long?
How many of the above songs are 7-10 minutes long?
How many of these songs have multiple takes of some tracks that you would like us to listen through and select best portions for using in the mix?
How many of these songs would you like to add a mastered radio edited version? (if you have lyrics that require censoring)
How many of these songs would you like to add a mastered backing track performance version? (karaoke version)
How many of these songs would you like to add a mastered instrumental version?(if vocals are included in the song)
Speed of Service:

  =   $ for a total of mixed and mastered audio files.
Typical completion turnaround time for this project is to days.

The calculated value presented is intended to provide you with an accurate estimated price for your mixing and mastering project. The final exact price quote may vary slightly based on the specific details of your project.

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Mixing Examples

Listen to before and after mixing examples from past client projects. Mixed tracks have also been mastered by Crazy Daisy Mastering.

Hear examples of mixing
Listen to mixing examples...

Send us your current mix and we'll provide feedback on what is needed to make it sound its best, plus a price quote to proceed with the work. No obligation to purchase services.

Free Mix Evaluation

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