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On this page we have collected an assortment of helpful links related to the production, performance, distribution, promotion and sales of music. Many of our clients have utilized the services and opportunities presented in these resource pages to great effect. Always feel free to Contact Us if you're in search of any sound or audio related services and there's a good chance we will be able to assist you.


CD Baby - A great place for independent musicians to sell their CD's
Electronic Musician magazine
Hitsquad - Find information, demo software, and other materials for the aspiring home computer recording engineer.
Keyboard magazine
Recording magazine
TAXI - the world's leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows.
Music Connection magazine
ReverbNation - online musician site to help with promotion and distribution of music
Flypaper - Helpful and informative music related articles for the curious musician
Xttrawave - Music news and reviews
Easy Song Licensing mechanical and digital licensing for cover songs
SoundCloud - online space to create, find fans, and connect with other artists
MusicBusiness Worldwide - up to date source for music business news around the world

Mastering Examples

Listen to before and after mastering examples from past client projects. Tracks separated by music genre.

Hear examples of mastering
Listen to mastering examples...

Get a free online mastering sample from your own song. No obligation to purchase services.

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Mixing Examples

Listen to before and after online mixing examples from past client projects. Mixed tracks have also been mastered by Crazy Daisy Mastering.

Hear examples of mixing
Listen to mixing examples...

Send us your current mix and we'll provide free feedback on what we think can be done to make it sound its best. No obligation to purchase services.

Free Mix Evaluation

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