We are OPEN and fully operational for MIXING, MASTERING, and EDITING services.
All digital audio/sound additions and many of our voiceover and studio musicians are also still available, but may require added time. If your project requires added voice, music or other sounds please contact us with the specifics of your project for confirmation.

Crazy Daisy Productions: Audio Production Services

Crazy Daisy Productions

Professional Online Mastering, Mixing, and Editing Services

Celebrating 19 years of great sound! Serving bands, artists, studios, labels, individuals, and businesses worldwide, with over 60,000 songs edited, mixed, and mastered in every style and genre of music and sound. Our online audio production studio provides professional, high quality Audio Mastering, Music Mixing, and Track Editing services. Our commitment to impeccable service keeps our clients coming back year after year.

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Add your name to our growing list of artists with impressive accomplishments...IMA award winners, NE Urban Music Award winners, international music award winners, legendary music figures, major and independent labels, thousands of YouTube video views, top Billboard charters, Grammy nominee contenders, television and magazine appearances, major national tours: our clients have made some amazing achievements!


Wondering whether or not you need to create a radio edit of your track? Find out why you should consider a radio version of your song and how to make one in this Soundfly post by Crazy Daisy Productions lead engineer Erik Veach -

Not sure which services you need for your project? Please Contact Us for assistance. Whether you need a music track edited or you're planing to have a full album of songs mixed and mastered, or anything in between, we're here to help.

You might want to check out our Mixing OR Mastering page, which provides some details on the various levels of professional audio assistance we offer, such as stems mastering, separated acappella and beat track mastering, and full song mixing, and may help you determine what service is most applicable to your project's needs. You're also welcome to try either of our no cost services: FREE Mastering Sample OR FREE Mix Evaluation to get assistance determining the best way to proceed to ensure the most professional sounding results for your music. While our staff are present at the studio during typical business hours, our online systems for submitting your audio files for any of our professional online mixing or mastering services, including online orders, are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Vocals, drums, sound effects, narration, voiceover and other production elements added. Check out our Track and Voice Addition page for more details.